The newest trend in nails is dipped powder polish. There are some pro’s and con’s though, according to my mom and my friend Gail. Dip powder nails have actually been around for a while and have recently become popular through social media.

This process is done by a certified nail technician using a pigmented powder between base coats and sealants. The technician than files and buffs the nail. The ‘pro’s’ of this technique is that it lasts longer than gel or acrylic nails, about 3 to 4 weeks. If a client has an allergy to acrylic or gel nails , this is a great alternative. Removal is the same as gel and acrylic, nails need to be soaked in acetone. The only ‘con’ I discovered is that it’s a fairly new process and not many nail techs have perfected the technique or offer it in their salons. The look below was done at “The Nail Place” in North Kansas City. Pricing varies from $28 to $45 depending on the location. Now go get “fun dipped!”


IMG_1520 (1)
Nugenesis “best friends forever” dipping powder.

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