In most American cities you can find a coffee shop pretty much on every corner.Kansas City has so many great java joints to choose from. Whether you are looking for your hole in the wall café that serves locally brewed coffee or your large national chain, there is something for everyone.

So on a crisp, cool fall morning I decided to check out a local well-known roaster.  I headed downtown to The Roasterie in Kansas City, Missouri. The Roasterie not only roasts and brews their own coffee; they also give tours of their facility including a sample of their brew on some weekdays and weekends.

If you are in Kansas City, the Roasterie tour is a must. The tour is free and consists of a 45 minute jaunt of the facility. In just 45 minutes I was immersed not only in the aroma of their signature blend, but in the technique of their cupping, roasting and blending process.

The Roasterie has one of the friendliest staff that I have come across in a long time. Their signature blends are available to purchase a long with other products a coffee junkie must have. The 27th street location tends to be the one that I frequent. The atmosphere is relaxed and very welcoming.

As I finished the tour and took in the aroma that surrounded me, I noticed a new item on the menu. I decided to try one of their specialties’, iced coffee soda. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it, fizzy coffee…so unusual! After a few sips and a teaspoon of honey added I decided this was a nice surprise for my taste buds. Coffee soda may not be for everyone, but it was  such a refreshing change.

Fellow Espressionist, check your fall calendars and pick a day to take the Roasterie tour and try a coffee soda. I promise you will want to keep coming back. Check out the Roasterie’s site for more information: Cheers!



Variety of Blends offered at the Roasterie.







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