You are “not like ordinary!”

One of my late father’s many quotes that he used and a favorite of mine is “not like ordinary!”  What does this mean? Well it can  be interpreted in many different ways. To me it means that we are all unique and different in our own ways, you my friends are “not like ordinary!” I use this quote in my blog because I want to empower women and men everyday to be yourself and accentuate what makes you different.

We all may have our insecurities and flaws but we need to learn to be proud of how unique and different we all are. For instance, I used to hate the beauty mark on my face. People would always ask me about it and I became so annoyed with having to address the issue.  Later in life, I realized its what makes me unique and hey if Cindy Crawford can make millions from hers then it can’t be too bad right?

So friends, if you have great hair, nice lips, or pretty eyes accentuate those things. Wear your hair down with some great rose gold highlights or wear a bold shade of red on your perfect pout. Consider sweeping on a bright jewel toned shadow to bring out the gold specks in your eyes.  Remember, friends we are “not like ordinary!”

“Not Like Ordinary!” – A.J. Kotich


Sephora Collection Bleeding Hearts Brush Set and Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Palette (Prize Giveaway Valued at $85.00!!)


Beyond The Makeup Brush would love to start your Spring off right with these two must have makeup products for Spring.  I love this new eyeshadow palette from Too Faced. It is the perfect shadow palette for Spring and goes with any eye color. This palette includes seven new modern shades, and their exclusive “coconut butter infused formula for creamier mattes and more comfortable wear.”

Everyone should have a great set of brushes.  The J Goldcrown for Sephora Collection: Bleeding Hearts Brush Set is the perfect 5 piece set.  This set contains a face powder brush, highlighter brush, round concealer brush, crease brush, angled shadow brush and pouch.  Subscribe and like our blog in order to enter this fabulous giveaway. Must be 18 years of age to enter and live in the United States. Winner will be drawn on Saturday April 28th at 5pm CST.  Beyond the Makeup Brush will contact you via email if you are the winner. Good luck!

“Wake up and make-up.” -unknown



Thrive Causemetics “Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette”: How to achieve this everyday look!



I am a huge fan of this Cosmetic Company Thrive Causemetics. I first discovered them about 6 months ago on social media.  This cosmetic company is 100% cruelty free and vegan.  It was founded by Karissa Bodnar who lost her close friend Kristy to cancer at a young age.  Her friend inspired her to create this beauty brand to empower women.  Thrive Causemetics is “Beauty with a Purpose.”  Every product you purchase one is donated to help a woman thrive!  Losing my father a few years ago to brain cancer I am a huge fan of this company and their mission.

I recently purchased their “Perfect Eye Palette in Warm Neutrals” and I absolutely love it!  The shadows are very pigmented so they last all day. These shades compliment all skin tones and eye colors.  If you are going to have one go to shadow palette this is the one to have. I purchased it on their website Thrive Causemetics for $45.00 it comes with a free cute makeup bag as well.  My friend and stylist Jade Brown at Stem Hair and Body Salon achieved the warm neutral look on me above. Below are the steps she did to create this look.

Step 1: Apply the color “Helen” to the outer crease.


Step 2: Apply the color “Frida” on the eyelid.


Step 3: Apply the color “Roseann” to outer corner below the color “Helen” and above the lash line.


Step 4:  Apply the color “Frida” to the inner eyelid and then apply “Winnie” on the center lid.


Step 5:  Apply liner and lashes if desired.  After lashes apply the color “Marlee” above lash line to create a shadow.


“The eyes are the window of the soul”- Traditional Proverb

Thoughtful Thursdays


This weeks “Thoughtful Thursday” tip is about being grateful for the things we have. In life we all have battles we are fighting whether big or small. These battles make us stronger and build character, right? These battles allow us to appreciate the smallest things in our lives. You may not live in a mansion or wear the latest high end brands or drive the latest luxury car but is that what life is all about? Life is about pursuit of dreams and loving each other.

When you’re down think of the true treasures in your life. Your family, the roof over your head, your job, and your health.  There are people I come across everyday in my career that do not have these things that we may so often take for granted. So next time you see a homeless person standing on a corner remember you are blessed.  Why not offer to buy them a meal or just a few kind words? Next time you cross paths with a stranger why not open a door for them or just say hello? There are millions of souls that have no one and one small gesture of kindness could mean the world to them. Remember to be grateful for what you have no matter how big or small you may think it is…because you are truly blessed!

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”- Aesop






Thoughtful Thursdays


I wanted to start a blog for many reasons, my love for makeup, skin care products, accessories and fashion but also to make a difference in people’s lives. I thought I would try to write a short post every Thursday called “Thoughtful Thursday’s.” I feel like our society is becoming to fast paced and very judgmental. Is it due to social media we now have where you can judge people from a far without them knowing?  Maybe, who knows! I am here to make a change, it may be a small change but still one change can make all the difference in the world if we all did it!

I work in Marketing for a healthcare company full-time and come across a lot of different people throughout the day. Sometimes it’s rough when you come across people who are not always cordial and take it out on me. We do not always know what other people are going through in their lives so we shouldn’t try to judge. One situation I experienced a few years ago had me come to this conclusion about being more thoughtful.

My father passed away suddenly of brain cancer in 2015. This was of course devastating to my whole family and I. I was always daddy’s little girl.  A few months after he passed I was in the drive thru at McDonald’s getting my daily diet coke…I know not great for me!  Anyway the person in front of me paid it forward and bought my drink. So I did the same for the person behind me.  Well this kept happening to me for the next few weeks. I would be at a Starbucks drive thru and the person in front of me would pay for my coffee. Was this a coincidence or was my Dad giving me a sign?  Who knows,  but that small act of kindness meant a lot to me! So that’s where my idea of being more thoughtful came about.  So next time you’re in line buying your daily coffee or soda think about paying it forward and treating a stranger for the day.  You never know what they are going through!  That one act of kindness can mean the world to them.  It did for me!

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Unknown

“Caboodle’s” Come Back!

Were you a teen in the early 90’s? If so you might remember this cool blast from the past! A “Caboodle on- the- go- girl” cosmetic case.  Everyone who was anyone had one of these. I remember mine was hot pink and purple.  I loved that thing, wonder where it went? Hmmm my parents basement?  Who knows!

Anyway, they say trends come back and this colorful plastic organizer is back! You can store makeup, jewelry, nail polish, perfume,and brushes. Basically, anything your little caboodle heart desires. I purchased this “vintage look” one at Walmart for $12.97. I love it because it’s an all in one makeup case.  It has a built in mirror and several trays that can store lots and lots of beauty products. A makeup junkies dream come true!

Its great for travel or anyone who is constantly on the go! Why not relive your childhood and buy yourself a caboodle and share this 90’s trend with a daughter, niece, granddaughter or friend! Now go crimp your hair and get a Caboodle!

“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu” – unknown