Were you a teen in the early 90’s? If so you might remember this cool blast from the past! A “Caboodle on- the- go- girl” cosmetic case.  Everyone who was anyone had one of these. I remember mine was hot pink and purple.  I loved that thing, wonder where it went? Hmmm my parents basement?  Who knows!

Anyway, they say trends come back and this colorful plastic organizer is back! You can store makeup, jewelry, nail polish, perfume,and brushes. Basically, anything your little caboodle heart desires. I purchased this “vintage look” one at Walmart for $12.97. I love it because it’s an all in one makeup case.  It has a built in mirror and several trays that can store lots and lots of beauty products. A makeup junkies dream come true!

Its great for travel or anyone who is constantly on the go! Why not relive your childhood and buy yourself a caboodle and share this 90’s trend with a daughter, niece, granddaughter or friend! Now go crimp your hair and get a Caboodle!

“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu” – unknown




  1. I am getting online to buy one this very second! I had no idea they were so inexpensive and at Wal-Mart! Thank you!

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