One of my late father’s many quotes that he used and a favorite of mine is “not like ordinary!”  What does this mean? Well it can  be interpreted in many different ways. To me it means that we are all unique and different in our own ways, you my friends are “not like ordinary!” I use this quote in my blog because I want to empower women and men everyday to be yourself and accentuate what makes you different.

We all may have our insecurities and flaws but we need to learn to be proud of how unique and different we all are. For instance, I used to hate the beauty mark on my face. People would always ask me about it and I became so annoyed with having to address the issue.  Later in life, I realized its what makes me unique and hey if Cindy Crawford can make millions from hers then it can’t be too bad right?

So friends, if you have great hair, nice lips, or pretty eyes accentuate those things. Wear your hair down with some great rose gold highlights or wear a bold shade of red on your perfect pout. Consider sweeping on a bright jewel toned shadow to bring out the gold specks in your eyes.  Remember, friends we are “not like ordinary!”

“Not Like Ordinary!” – A.J. Kotich


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