“Kansas City Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Preview Part 2.”

“Beyond The Makeup Brush” was lucky enough to get an invite to this exclusive Kansas City Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Preview on September 26th at Union Station in Kansas City.  The Wednesday night event showcased seven designers from the Midwest to Iran.  There was a mixture of  beads, lace, mosaic textures to plaids with pops of color displayed down the runaway this year.

“H. Art Studios” by Lauren Hansen was first down the runaway. This talented Midwestern girl from Iowa is only 17 years of age! Her first look that came down the runaway was a show stopping couture wedding gown.  Lauren’s designs use beautiful beading to give it that couture look.  Lauren Hansen is one talented designer to watch. Lauren’s designs can be found at H. Art Studios


Next down the runaway was “MAANG” by Yasi Fayal.  “MAANG” means Moon in Farsi. Yasi is an Iranian fashion and jewelry designer.  Her pieces are inspired by geometric and mathematical shapes and patterns.  She uses her background in engineering to help inspire her pieces. She wants people to really think about her fashion in a different way.  If you want to get to know more about this gifted designer’s unique aesthetic check her out at on her instagram page @maangstudios


Coming down the runaway with a Californian “fun in the sun” feel was designer Amy Ellie with “Ideologie The Label.” Amy is an apparel and textile designer who also happens to be a student at Michigan State University.  Her design aesthetic definitely gave you that Spring/Summer feel with the off the shoulder blouses and halter tops. I loved the mixture of patterns she used to create her neutral color scheme.  I can’t wait to see more from this talented designer!


Local Kansas City  jewelry designer Clarissa Knighten with “Rissa’s Artistic Designs” dazzled the runaway next with her earthy, edgy and elegant jewelry pieces. Clarissa took a risk in 2017 and left the corporate world to pursue her dream of starting her own jewelry line.  All her pieces are one of a kind and can be custom made to fit your desired look.  She uses everything from beads, gemstones and wires to achieve her unique pieces. Check out more of this creative designer’s pieces at Rissa’s Artistic Design


Wowing the crowd next was  “Venn by Veron” Venn learned her sewing skills from local tailors from Nigeria. Her Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is more Avant Garde yet wearable.   Venn’s use of colorful mosaic tiles really set her pieces a part and make her overall collection very cohesive.  Venn’s collections can be found on instagram @veroniq1760


Lastly,  the audience was wowed by “Kalon By Kayla” Mikayla Tjeerdsma learned to sew at the early age of 9.  Her Spring/Summer 2019 collection incorporates a mixture of patterns and a touch of color to give  that  summertime feel. Mikayla’ cohesive collection was styled to perfection. I guarantee we will be seeing bright chunky sandals,  braids, braids, and more braids coming Spring 2019.  I cannot wait to see what this talented designer has up her sleeve next.

Stay Tuned for KCFW Fall/Winter 19 Collection!  Beyond The Makeup Brush will be there to cover the hottest Fall and Winter designs.

-“I don’t design clothes.  I design dreams.”-Ralph Lauren



“Kansas City Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Preview Part One.”

If you’re a fan of the popular show “Project Runway” like I am then you have gotten a glimpse of what New York Fashion Week is about.  Fashionistas, Kansas City is the new hub for local, national and international designers to show their unique designs.  I was utterly amazed at the local talent that came out this year .

Kansas City Fashion Week started in March of 2011 and since has boasted 14 seasons of  talented local, national and international designers.  “Beyond the Make Up Brush” was lucky enough to get an invite to this exclusive four day event with a finale featuring well renowned American fashion designer Rachel Roy.  This years’ Spring/Summer 2019 preview took place at Union Station and did not disappoint.  We attended the Wednesday night show on September 26th which included seven local, national, and international designers each with a very unique aesthetic.

IMG_2539 (8).jpg

The Wednesday night show tends to be a bit more casual.  When we arrived we saw the step and repeat set up where you could get your photo taken.  Fashion forward attendees appeared in attire from jeans and motorcycle jackets to jumpsuits with heels to little black dresses.  If you like to people watch this is the place to definitely be.  When we entered the main hall they had various booths set up with the designer’s collections to browse through.  We ran into Crystal Brakhage with “Crystal Brakhage Designs” at her booth.  We were  lucky enough to interview this talented young designer and learn more about her collection.

IMG_2412 (2)

Crystal is from Tobias, Nebraska not really known as the fashion capital of the world. However, this talented designer is making a big name for herself and her designs in the Midwest.   Crystal first picked up a needle and thread about 8 years ago through her 4 H club.  However,  it wasn’t love at first sewing machine.  Crystal actually wanted to do photography but ended up going to 4 H camp and meeting other young designers who had a passion for design.

Crystal has shown her collection in  Des Moines, Kansas City, and Chicago Fashion Week. Crystal’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is inspired by pop musician Cardi B and reality star Kim Kardashian’s style.  Her collection is a mix of edgy and street wear.  Crystal used a mix of faux leather and fur in most of her designs to achieve that hip hop feel.  I asked Crystal what advice she would give to new designers starting out and she said to definitely “Be yourself” and do a lot of networking.  She has learned to work with photographers and different social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram to get her brand out there.  “Beyond The Makeup Brush” can’t wait to see more from this talented young designer. You can check out more of Crystal’s designs at http://www.crystalbrakhage.wixsite.com.


-“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable.  Style is more about being yourself.”- Oscar de la Renta






The Art of Collecting Still a Great Hobby!!

IMG_2249 (5).jpg

As a child you might remember having a fascination about collecting a certain toy.  I know I did, for some reason I loved teddy bears.  All kinds from panda bears, polar bears to your standard brown bear.  I’m not sure how it got started,but I remember I collected teddy bears until I was probably a teenager. Now my collection has turned into makeup, shoes and antique perfume bottles.  Collecting an item can be a great hobby if you have a healthy grasp on it.  Remember friends don’t go crazy…everything in moderation!

Why collecting items is good for your soul?  It’s exciting and gives you sense of being and a new passion. Whether it’s seeking out the latest super hero collectible, to hitting local antique stores for that unique perfume bottle.  In a world that has unfortunately become less inactive, collecting something gets your body moving.  I get chills seeking out my new find at local antique stores.  I have found most of my perfume bottles either at local antique stores or have received them as a gift.  If you’re a guy or gal that is hard to shop for having a hobby is also great because your loved one now has an idea of what to get you as a gift.  It can turn out to be a great investment as well.  Who knows, grandma’s dishes she collected and you inherited could now be worth a pretty penny.   Now go seek out your passionate find!!! Happy collecting!

-“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house become your story.” -homeowner Erin Flett

Thoughtful Thursdays


This weeks “Thoughtful Thursday” tip is about being grateful for the things we have. In life we all have battles we are fighting whether big or small. These battles make us stronger and build character, right? These battles allow us to appreciate the smallest things in our lives. You may not live in a mansion or wear the latest high end brands or drive the latest luxury car but is that what life is all about? Life is about pursuit of dreams and loving each other.

When you’re down think of the true treasures in your life. Your family, the roof over your head, your job, and your health.  There are people I come across everyday in my career that do not have these things that we may so often take for granted. So next time you see a homeless person standing on a corner remember you are blessed.  Why not offer to buy them a meal or just a few kind words? Next time you cross paths with a stranger why not open a door for them or just say hello? There are millions of souls that have no one and one small gesture of kindness could mean the world to them. Remember to be grateful for what you have no matter how big or small you may think it is…because you are truly blessed!

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”- Aesop






Thoughtful Thursdays


I wanted to start a blog for many reasons, my love for makeup, skin care products, accessories and fashion but also to make a difference in people’s lives. I thought I would try to write a short post every Thursday called “Thoughtful Thursday’s.” I feel like our society is becoming to fast paced and very judgmental. Is it due to social media we now have where you can judge people from a far without them knowing?  Maybe, who knows! I am here to make a change, it may be a small change but still one change can make all the difference in the world if we all did it!

I work in Marketing for a healthcare company full-time and come across a lot of different people throughout the day. Sometimes it’s rough when you come across people who are not always cordial and take it out on me. We do not always know what other people are going through in their lives so we shouldn’t try to judge. One situation I experienced a few years ago had me come to this conclusion about being more thoughtful.

My father passed away suddenly of brain cancer in 2015. This was of course devastating to my whole family and I. I was always daddy’s little girl.  A few months after he passed I was in the drive thru at McDonald’s getting my daily diet coke…I know not great for me!  Anyway the person in front of me paid it forward and bought my drink. So I did the same for the person behind me.  Well this kept happening to me for the next few weeks. I would be at a Starbucks drive thru and the person in front of me would pay for my coffee. Was this a coincidence or was my Dad giving me a sign?  Who knows,  but that small act of kindness meant a lot to me! So that’s where my idea of being more thoughtful came about.  So next time you’re in line buying your daily coffee or soda think about paying it forward and treating a stranger for the day.  You never know what they are going through!  That one act of kindness can mean the world to them.  It did for me!

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Unknown

“First Friday” Finds!

Across America in every town there is that hidden jewel of a shop where you can find unique finds. I have become a fan of a community event in Kansas City called “First Fridays” This three day event takes place the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month located in the “West Bottoms” of Kansas City, MO.  I patronized two shops where I found some unique finds. One shop was the “The Painted Sofa” a home goods boutique. This three story boutique specializes in old, new, and unique decor and painted furniture.  I found these adorable earrings with a floral print made out of paper, yes I said paper at The Painted Sofa.  They are made by a company called The Sweet Lemon Project. This company is located in Kansas City, Mo. The earrings I purchased were $13.00 a pair.  Make sure to check out their website, they have some fun and unique items! I love local businesses…make sure to shop local whenever you can!

The second item I purchased was from another local company called The Button Buck.  I purchased the “Inspire” ring shown above for $13.00.  Their jewelry is made from upcycled materials and typed fonts from old books and dictionaries.  I absolutely love their trendy jewelry. The fact it’s affordable and can be customized is an added bonus!

My “First Friday” adventure continued with a visit to The Pink Daisy  This shop offers unique gifts including home decor, accessories, furniture and more! I love the fact that they have a men’s grooming line. The men’s line is a company called “Sunflower Body.” They carry beard growth serum, beard balm and aftershave. So ladies if your main man has a beard be sure and check this product out! I also started to notice a trend in earrings now. It looks like the new trend is making products out of recycled material and leather. The earrings above are made out of leather and are so adorable. My twin sister picked up a pair for herself.  Our country is founded on small businesses so remember to support and shop locally in the town you live in! Every town in America has that unique hidden jewel where you can find a special piece. Remember to be “not like ordinary!” as my late father always said!

“You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Local And That’s Kind Of The Same”-Unknown





“The New Java Craze” by Annie

In most American cities you can find a coffee shop pretty much on every corner.Kansas City has so many great java joints to choose from. Whether you are looking for your hole in the wall café that serves locally brewed coffee or your large national chain, there is something for everyone.

So on a crisp, cool fall morning I decided to check out a local well-known roaster.  I headed downtown to The Roasterie in Kansas City, Missouri. The Roasterie not only roasts and brews their own coffee; they also give tours of their facility including a sample of their brew on some weekdays and weekends.

If you are in Kansas City, the Roasterie tour is a must. The tour is free and consists of a 45 minute jaunt of the facility. In just 45 minutes I was immersed not only in the aroma of their signature blend, but in the technique of their cupping, roasting and blending process.

The Roasterie has one of the friendliest staff that I have come across in a long time. Their signature blends are available to purchase a long with other products a coffee junkie must have. The 27th street location tends to be the one that I frequent. The atmosphere is relaxed and very welcoming.

As I finished the tour and took in the aroma that surrounded me, I noticed a new item on the menu. I decided to try one of their specialties’, iced coffee soda. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it, fizzy coffee…so unusual! After a few sips and a teaspoon of honey added I decided this was a nice surprise for my taste buds. Coffee soda may not be for everyone, but it was  such a refreshing change.

Fellow Espressionist, check your fall calendars and pick a day to take the Roasterie tour and try a coffee soda. I promise you will want to keep coming back. Check out the Roasterie’s site for more information: www.theroasterie.com Cheers!



Variety of Blends offered at the Roasterie.