“Roses are red violets are blue.. how about a little rose gold for you?”



Rose Gold is the hot new shade this year not only in jewelry, makeup, and shoes but for hair as well!  Whether you’re a blond, brunette or red-head a little pop of rose gold goes a long way!  I wanted a touch of rose color in my hair so my hair stylist Amanda Meyer from Stem Hair and Body Salon added a subtle rose color.  She gave me Surface Pure Blonde Rose shampoo as well to deepen the rose color as needed.  This shampoo can be purchased at your local salon or click on link I provided above.  The color washes out so you can try it for a few days and see how you like it or use on a continuous basis.  So Ladies and Gents “Roses are red and violets are blue, now go get some rose gold on you!”

“Take time to smell the roses.”- Proverb



Balayage…Technique or Color?

Are you as confused as I am with the different hair color techniques? What’s in and what’s out and what means what? I’m here to help you my friends. So the current trend now is still Balayage, I originally thought this was a type of color or look but my friends it’s not it’s a color technique that hair stylists are using to apply highlights.

I had Balayage done in the picture below. My stylist Amanda Meyer at Stem Hair and Body applied the Balayage technique below on my hair. She used Keune color 6.5 which is Dark Mahogany Blond. Which is the middle color below. This picture does not do it justice. My hair has a shiny rich Mahogany tone to it. The term “Balayage” means  sweep, the stylist sweeps the color through small triangle sections onto a board or foil. It gives your hair natural sun- kissed highlights.  I love this technique because the color grows out with your new hair growth. So it doesn’t look like you’re constantly needing your roots touched up! I usually get my hair touched up every 6 to 8 weeks…gotta love the grays!


Keune color 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde.