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Cheers! My name is Annie and I am so excited to contribute and work with my twin sister Victoria on Beyond the Makeup Brush. I have always had a passion for health, beauty and makeup since middle school. My current obsession is lip-gloss, eyelashes and anything that sparkles!

Oh! I forgot to mention I’m a middle school English teacher that loves diving into poetry and classic literature with my students, especially Poe and Hughes just to name a few.

Hmmm…not only am I an educator, I am a coffee and tea addict. I have a passion for the arts, a great film noir movie on a Saturday night and am an aspiring writer.

Some causes that are close to my heart that I advocate for are teen homelessness, mental health stigma, suicide prevention, cancer research, funding, and much more.

I will dig deeper into these issues throughout my contributions. I am excited to receive your input as well.


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